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Our company has been providing quality ATM service, competitive pricing and free placement programs since 2004. JC ATM Services, LLC is currently servicing about 500 ATMs throughout Atlanta, Georgia and Florida,, and is processing over 70,000 transactions per month. We have never strived to be the largest ATM company -- only the best -- offering outstanding customer care. We take pride in the fact that we have personally established successful working relationships with ALL of our clients, treating every customer as if they are the only customer, regardless of size.     More...

How Our Relationship Works

JC ATM Services ensures a successful CONTINUOUS revenue stream for our clients by quickly solving and preventing problems after the ATM is installed. You'll only need one number to call for any ATM problem- client disputes, settlement questions, or if the ATM is "down" simply contact JC ATM Services.
We'll take care of you!

Contact Details

Phone     888.665.7776

Fax            888.665.7776

Email        info@jcatmservices.com